Keepin’ It Cool

Keepin’ It Cool By Maura Keller Environmental factors can play a significant role in the health and wellbeing of dairy cattle. Particularly in warmer climates and during summer months, heat stress is one of the biggest concerns facing producers. According to Scott Bascom, executive technical services manager at Phibro Animal Health, heat stress can be […]


Baleage Advantages

Baleage Advantages By Heather Smith Thomas Silage in piles, pits or silos has been the traditional way to store forage harvested wet–compacted and stored in airtight conditions, fermenting. In recent years, several methods have been developed to wrap silage/haylage in airtight bags using plastic film. Harvesting and storing it this way can capture nutrient quality […]


Can high cattle prices pay for mistakes?

Can high cattle prices pay for mistakes? Article and photo courtesy of MU College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources. SALEM, Mo. – With cattle prices at record high levels and many forecasts projecting relatively high prices for the next couple of years, some producers feel they can do no wrong. In times like these, […]


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