US Vet: Relationship-Based Vision

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By Maura Keller.

For decades, dairy producers and others within the dairy industry have turned to the flagship product Quartermaster® Suspension in combating mastitis in cows. Manufactured by the animal health division of WG Critical Care, the recent corporate name change to US VET – which better reflects the company’s commitment to dairy producers and the overall dairy/veterinary distribution market – has brought the company and its much-celebrated product lineup to the forefront once again.

“The name of the company is quite synonymous for what we are trying to do,” says Vincent Durante, executive vice president at US VET. “We are dedicated to manufacturing products in the United States and to use our distribution network nationwide to deliver these products to our customers.” In fact, by renaming the division “US VET,” the company is further emphasizing its dedication to manufacturing quality products in the USA. US VET will continue to do so by expanding and improving manufacturing operations as well as having a dedicated emphasis to develop and launch new products–an important characteristic to many within the agricultural industry.

In addition to renaming the company division, US VET has also put a great deal of emphasis on bringing Quartermaster front and center again after its presence waned in the marketplace. In 2013, after a brief absence from the market, WG Critical Care Animal Health acquired Quartermaster and its associated manufacturing site from West Argo. In doing so, US VET renovated and modernized the manufacturing facility that produced Quartermaster since the early 1970s and subsequently reintroduced the product in late 2015.

For Chuck Luchsinger Sr., owner of Silver Spring Farm in Syracuse, NY, two words describe Quartermaster – “very effective” and two words describe Ampicillin – “time tested.”

“Ampicillin and Quartermaster are two products we use most right now,” Luchsinger says.

“We started using Quartermaster 25 years ago and it was the only dry treatment with a million units of penicillin in it. Once we started using it, we haven’t used any other product. It has the highest ingredient of protection against mastitis during a dry period. And it’s time-tested, it’s still working for everyone, and we rarely have a calf pick up mastitis during a dry period.”

In addition, Luchsinger says that Quartermaster is easy to use and a popular treatment among many farmers and ranchers.

“At this point in time and even over the years, there has not been a better product on the market,” Luchsinger says. “When you use Quartermaster, it’s going to work!”

As manufacturers, the US VET team strives to do more than just sell units – which makes this corporate entity truly stand out in the minds of veterinarians and producers. The overall company’s goal is to be “United in Care” – and rather than simply a tagline, the US VET team sees themselves as partners with dairy producers, focusing on the health and well-being of the animals being raised. And because US VET is a mid-sized manufacturer and distributor of veterinary products, they can offer more flexibility with regard to inventory levels and supply chain controls.

As Justin Krichbaum, director of sales at US VET explains, “‘United in Care’ is our mission statement to support the needs of the animal health industry and be a true partner.”

That’s why US VET is staying committed to producing a consistent supply of its flagship products to the highest quality standards possible, while offering a fair and competitive price point that the industry can bear.

“‘Sorry we are on backorder’ does not cut it when you have a sick animal, and farmers need a trustworthy product,” Krichbaum says. “We all know that offshore manufacturing can be very difficult to keep on track, especially now. Adding manufacturing sites here in the US gives us the ability to immediately speed up production schedules as needed to help avoid any back order situations that will occur. We had to do a lot of upgrades to the facility to make sure that we can run for the next 10 to 20 years.”

Historically speaking, US VET has been a family-owned business since the original company established the pharmacy group operation back in 1981. As Durante explains, for more than 40 years, the company has worked hand-in-hand with veterinarians, distribution companies, and producers to actively expand the company’s portfolio of pharmaceutical products, including Quartermaster, that offer the best solutions for addressing the health issues facing today’s dairy industry.

“Quartermaster has become an old friend to the dairymen because they’ve used it since 1974 and it’s still one of the most effective and trusted dry cow treatments available today,” says James Viscio, vice president of animal health sales at US VET.

Being a family-owned business means that US VET works together internally as a team, building the animal health division based on relationships throughout the industry.

“Yes, we are in the business of manufacturing antibiotics, but more importantly we are in a continuous partnership with the industry where the goal is to keep everyone successful,” Krichbaum says. “We all have critical roles in this partnership.”

And while the dairy producer and end user of US VET’s products are the company’s core customer base, Viscio says that the company also significantly values its relationships with US distributors, who rely on all the major wholesalers in the industry to ensure US VET’s products are readily available through all ethical channels.

“Our goal is to make sure our products are always available for the end user,” Viscio says. At its core, US VET is, quite simply, a company that embraces its smaller size in order to adjust to customer market demands immediately.

Being privately owned also means that US VET is not a massive Fortune 500 company and does not have to make decisions based on shareholder influence. Instead, decisions are made with the customer-partners in mind. And their entire portfolio of products is made entirely in the United States in two locations – Hamilton, New York and Syracuse, New York.

Indeed, as Krichbaum explains, larger companies are reminiscent of huge oil tankers, chugging along, out at sea. They cannot turn or make changes very fast. However, US VET is more like a smaller ship, able to maneuver and make changes quickly.

“In our business, that can mean a lot to our customers. We focus on what our customers’ needs may be,” Krichbaum says. “We are more relationship based. Being mid-sized means that we can make decisions a lot faster and that is beneficial for all involved.”

Quartermaster and Ampicillin are currently US VET’s flagship products, which continue to be the most trusted and cost-effective ways for dairy producers to prevent mastitis and manage bovine respiratory infections.

“They’ve been around for decades, and they still remain very effective at fighting mastitis and also respiratory infection, but they are also cost effective,” Krichbaum says. And while the company has built a solid portfolio of products that support dairy health, they also offer a handful of additional products in equine and small animal areas to balance things out.

“US VET has made a significant capital investment in product development. Over the next two to four years, we plan to roll out several new generic products that will be sure to help the dairy industry,” Krichbaum explains. “And we expect to be rolling out new products on a regular basis over the next few years.”

Across the current and upcoming product groups, US VET adheres to the highest standards and good manufacturing practices to ensure they manufacture a quality product for the dairy industry.

“Quartermaster, for example, has proven to be very critical to dairy producers’ processes,” Viscio says. “We often hear how Quartermaster is now being used by the third generation of dairymen. The product is that remarkable and we see our relationships with these dairy producers as a family. It’s just the way that the company – from the ownership on down – has developed over the many years it’s been in business. Our distribution partners trust us. If we tell them we’re going to deliver a product at a certain price, we honor that.”

To learn more about US VET and its products, visit them at the World  Dairy Expo Exhibit Hall, booth number 4116-4118.

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