Volac International Ltd: A Journey of Innovation and Growth in the US Market

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Article and photos courtesy of Volac International Ltd.

Volac International Ltd, a pioneer in ruminant nutrition and agri-products, has carved a remarkable niche for itself in the global agricultural landscape. With a history spanning more than five decades, Volac International Ltd.’s expansion into the United States market and its recent acquisition of Micron Biosystems have further solidified its position in the industry.

Volac International Ltd. is a British-based family-owned company that was established in 1970. The mission was clear: to develop high-quality, nutritious animal feed supplements that would enhance dairy farming.

Volac started out thru building its reputation in dairy calf nutrition. Recognizing the critical importance of early calf nutrition, Volac developed a range of calf milk replacers that provided essential nutrients and supported the healthy growth and development of young calves. The company’s unique, precision-formulated, concentrated whey protein-based product Imunopro® sets pre-weaned calves up for a lifetime of improved productivity when they enter the adult milking herd.

Volac formed a global joint venture, Volac Wilmar Feed Ingredients (WVFI), with Wilmar International Limited in 2015 to grow their global animal feed fat business. Volac Wilmar Feed Ingredients brings together Volac’s expertise in ruminant and young animal nutrition and the production and distribution of renowned sustainable rumen-protected fats. Drawing on Wilmar’s expertise in sourcing and supplying vegetable oils and raw materials, Volac Wilmar Feed Ingredients offers a full range of branded feed fat products to meet the needs of compound feed mills, agricultural traders, and farmers.

Volac’s pioneering forage additive ranges, EcosylTM and Advance, have helped American producers optimize silage quality. Volac range of forage additives improved the palatability and nutritional value of silage for dairy cattle, increasing feed efficiency. This ultimately benefiting their bottom line, reinforcing Volac’s commitment to supporting sustainable agriculture.

New feed additive focus in the US

Volac acquired Micron Biosystems in 2021, a provider of innovative microbial solutions for livestock nutrition. This acquisition brought together two industry players, combining their expertise to address the evolving challenges in animal nutrition and health. It also marked a significant step in Volac’s mission to provide comprehensive solutions to American producers, reaffirming its commitment to advancing the agricultural industry.

With a manufacturing site, for both forage and feed additives, based in Buena Vista, Virginia, Volac is now focusing on distributing the developing UltraSorb range of mycotoxin remediators and the production of added value feed additives for the US dairy sector.

Thru its new Feed Additives division, a platform for exciting new product development has been established. This division will focus on optimizing rumen microbial fermentation, with product ranges in mycotoxin remediation, direct fed microbials, phytogenics, helping to maximize efficient production.

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