Dairy goats eating

Navigating Milk Composition & Quality in Dairy Goats

By Dr. Gail Carpenter, State Dairy Extension Specialist, Iowa State University. Dairy goat producers understand the delicate balance required to maintain optimal milk quality in their herds. Achieving the right fat and protein content levels is essential for product quality and reflects the goats’ overall health and performance. As producers aspire to produce high-quality milk, […]


Ty Larson and Jake Hansen inspect soybean plants with customer Craig Burke at his farm in New Hampton IA

Performance, Value, and Simplicity

Article and photos courtesy of Albert Lea Seed. We left GMO seed behind almost ten years ago because we were tired of paying for the high costs of genetically modified traits that didn’t deliver more yield. It might be time for you to do the same. Viking non-GMO seed is fully committed to providing you […]


Feed Additives for Cattle

Feed Additives for Dairy Cows

By Heather Smith Thomas. There are a number of feed additives commonly used in dairies.  Scott E. Poock, DVM, DABVP, Associate Extension Professor, University of Missouri, says that there are some regulations regarding what can be fed, but there are more regulations for what is fed to lactating cows, versus non-lactating cows.  “If they eat […]


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