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Dairy Price Index (DIP) methodology for pricing Wholesale MilkWhat happens when a man who spends twenty years as an investment banker starts milking cows? New ideas on how wholesale milk should be priced, that’s what! Read Mr. Mandl’s proposal on how to restructure the way the price of wholesale milk is determined. Best Pasture Grass Dairy experts emphasize that forage intake must be high quality and of sufficient volume to obtain the milk production necessary to sustaining a modern dairy operation. Pastures that are properly managed can provide dairy cows with high-quality forage harvested at a very nutritious stage. Read on to find out more.  FFA and Dairies Leadership skills, public speaking, recording keeping, working with others are just a few of the skills needed today to work on a dairy. Nowhere does a young person learn these skills better then in FFA. Read to find out more about what is happening in FFA and how you can benefit.    
Unique Vaccine Technology for Controlling Clinical and Sub clinical Salmonellosis:  The number of dairy cows across the nation affected by salmonella is increasing. Regular vaccination is important; but with so many stereotypes, it may be impossible to protect your herd with traditional treatments. Turn to page 11 to learn about a new vaccine that can aid in the control of salmonellosis. Planning and Managing Anaerobic Lagoons:  Because of their treatment and storage capabilities, anaerobic lagoons are a good compromise between storage basins and aerobic lagoons. Read how to construct and maintain what might be the most efficient lagoon for your dairy operation. Courtesy of Alabama Cooperative Extension System (Alabama A&M University and Auburn University) Has Drinking Milk Gone Out of Fashion?   After a ten-year streak of declining milk consumption in the US, that trend might be finally turning around. Read to find out the reasons.      
Alleviate Stress   An average day in a dairy cows life can be full of stress and strain. Karen Bohnert takes us on a journey to show how we play in intricate part in alleviating the stress in a dairy cows life.  Reducing Commercial Fertilizers   Fertilizers are never a one size fits all application. Balancing fertilizers and regulations can also play into the mix of decisions. Gary DiGiuseppe tries to answer some tough deciding questions when choosing to reduce your use of commercial fertilizers. Paying it Forward: Passing a Dairy on to the Next Generation   During difficult times a family may have to make some tough decisions. Tim Ackarman takes a look into some of those tough decisions and what discussions your family may need to have when looking into the future. 
Keep Sodium Bicarbonate for Buffering in Dairy Cow Rations  Learn how to manage your rumen’s pH level with Jill Fraser’s fascinating article. Find out what ingredients affect your feed’s alkaline levels.   Milking Parlor Efficiencies- Time is Money or Is it?  Is the industries push to have high end efficient superior milking parlors effecting the milk quality? Take a look at two different dairies to see how they effectively manage the task of milking.    Best Ag Education for a Future Producer  The industry has changed dramatically in the last decade and the role of education has as well. Find out how some programs are combining experience with learning to give well-rounded educations. Learn how other programs foster outside support to fund their applications. Learn the ins and outs here.