Previous Issues

Alleviate Stress   An average day in a dairy cows life can be full of stress and strain. Karen Bohnert takes us on a journey to show how we play in intricate part in alleviating the stress in a dairy cows life.  Reducing Commercial Fertilizers   Fertilizers are never a one size fits all application. Balancing fertilizers and regulations can also play into the mix of decisions. Gary DiGiuseppe tries to answer some tough deciding questions when choosing to reduce your use of commercial fertilizers. Paying it Forward: Passing a Dairy on to the Next Generation   During difficult times a family may have to make some tough decisions. Tim Ackarman takes a look into some of those tough decisions and what discussions your family may need to have when looking into the future. 
Keep Sodium Bicarbonate for Buffering in Dairy Cow Rations  Learn how to manage your rumen’s pH level with Jill Fraser’s fascinating article. Find out what ingredients affect your feed’s alkaline levels.   Milking Parlor Efficiencies- Time is Money or Is it?  Is the industries push to have high end efficient superior milking parlors effecting the milk quality? Take a look at two different dairies to see how they effectively manage the task of milking.    Best Ag Education for a Future Producer  The industry has changed dramatically in the last decade and the role of education has as well. Find out how some programs are combining experience with learning to give well-rounded educations. Learn how other programs foster outside support to fund their applications. Learn the ins and outs here.    
Assisted Birthing with Cesarean Sections Learn what signs of distress to look for and what preemptive measures can be taken to reduce the risk when a C-Section is necessary. Will There Be Any Private Dairies Left? The size of the average U.S dairy is up and the number of small dairies is dwindling. Learn why these numbers are shifting and what this means for the future of small dairies. Manure Management Sustainably Taking Care of Our Environment Read how Randy and Jennifer Gross of Prairie Gold Dairy, LLC, in Elkton, South Dakota are taking manure management seriously by being good stewards of the land, good neighbors and good business people.
VanEss Dairy Travels 1,500 Miles to Relocate in Northwest Iowa Read how one family put their motto to the test by deciding to move 1,500 miles and relocate 3,000 head of cattle to improve their business. The Safety of rBST Learn if Pilosec is safe to use in dairy cattle. Read information that we obtained in the Recombinant Bovine Somatotropin (rBST): A Safety Assessment report from Elanco who recently purchased Pilosec. American Dairymen Product Review 2010 Trucks