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Effects of Flooring on Lameness in Dairy Cattle: 90% of the lameness in the average dairy herd is from foot injuries. Read about flooring options that can help decrease this number in your operation.We Need a Little Relief Right Now: With prices for milk at a three decad low, read sixth generation Fulton, MD dairy farmer, Charles Lager’s thoughts on how to keep going. American Dairymen Product Preview: Quality tools and equipment to help your operation maintain success.
Parasite Management - Parasite management tips that will keep your herd healthy, comfortable and productive while controlling expenses. Natural Dairy Patterns- Researchers have found a link between productivity and letting your cows do what comes naturally. American Dairymen Product Review: Cow Comfort Heating. American Dairymen Product Preview: Tools and equipment for today’s dairymen
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  • Robotic Milking
  • 2009 World Dairy Expo
  • American Dairymen Product Review
  • American Dairymen Product Preview
American Dairymen: is a magazine with products and services for American Dairymen. The main stories in this issue are: Red & White; Find out why Red & White Dairy Cattle are one of the hottest things out there. Financial Stress; 2009 has caused a lot of financial stress on dairy producers. How are they coping? American Dairymen Product Preview; Tools and equipment for today’s Dairymen.