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p. 10 Controlling Transmissions of Johne’s Disease in Your Herd Johne’s is a contagious, and untreatable, disease that can devastate a dairy herd. A well thought-out plan that guides consistent effort over time may be the most important factor in controlling it. This article will help you design a plan, including all the critical management points. Courtesy of Michigan State University, College of Agriculture & Natural Resources New York State Cattle Health Assurance Program p.20 Pathogens in Manure Several potential pathogens can be found in bovine manure. Read on page 20 to understand the life cycle and causes of these pathogens so measures can be implemented to prevent them from causing disease harmful to humans. By John H. Kirk, DVM, MPVM Extension Veterinarian School of Veterinary Medicine University of California Davis Tulare, CA p.28 Product Review - Manure Equipment  
p. 10 June Dairy Month Highlights Dairy Industry Steve Weisman brings us the history of June as Dairy Month as well as some ideas on how to celebrate for 2011’s version. By Steve Weisman p. 17 Conductive Cooling: A New Way to Cool Cows What if there was a way you could keep your herd cool AND save on energy costs at the same time? Conductive Cooling may be just that. By Megan Pierce p. 21 Product Review - Pest/Fly Control
p. 9 A Fresh Focus on Udder Management Improves Quality and Cash Flow on the Dairy FarmMore precise udder management to prevent mastitis is good for yourherd as well as your bottom line.By Sherry A. Bunting, Dairy management writer  p.16 Don’t Lose Money Down the Udder!An ounce of nutrition may be worth a pound of disease treatment whenit comes to your herd’s health.By Roger Scaletti, Alltech  p. 21 Product Review - Lawnmowers  
p.9 Ventilation 101: Keeping Your Cows Cool See how the dairy industry has become the most sophisticated and creative enterprise in agriculture when it comes to using ventilation systems. By Rick Zimmerman - Munters Corporation, Aerotech Ventilation System p. 16 A Path to Better Security: Stress Free Farming and Safer Lives  Whether you are trying to protect your farm equipment from being stolen or keeping an eye on pregnant livestock who may soon go into labor, you may find that having your own surveillance camera system is essential for your farm. By Sierra Dawn McClain - Three Willows Ranch p.20 Product Review - Silage/Hay Balers