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p. 10 Changes in Dairy Curricula p. 16 FFA Offers Students Keys to Future Success in Agriculture p. 21 Product Review - RFID Tagsp. 24 From Backroom Business to Farmer Favorite  
p. 9 Bottle vs Bucket Feeding p. 16 Organic Dairy Production Planning Concepts p. 22 Product Review - Foot Bath Systems p. 26 Udder Stuff - Guernsey Breed  
p. 9 The Dairy Veterinarian’s Role in Emergency Preparedness on the Farm p. 14 When to Identify Nonpregnant Lactating Dairy Cows Using Trasrectal Ultrasonography and Why p. 22 Product Review - Calf Hutches  p. 25 New Developments in Dairy Reproductivity    
A Growing Commitment to Greener Farms: The Business Case For SustainabilitySustainable agriculture is not a passing phase, it is imperative and everyone along the food supply chain now understands that. Our friends at Short Elliot Hendrickson Inc. show us who is leading the movement and why.Diagnosing Bacterial Sepsis in CalvesThe number two cause of heifer calf mortality may surprise you, Bacterial Sepsis. Dr. Sockett explains why this is being under diagnosed and what can be done to change that statistic.  Product Review - Alternative Heating